Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bringing it to Light

This month’s assignment for my mastermind group ( is to create a Facebook Page and (for extra credit) to start a blog to promote the service/product I am developing in the group.

My service is to help other women and the product is The Red Coat, an illustrated fairytale for women that I have been working on for 15 years. I know, right? That's a long time! Several months ago we set goals in the group and one of mine was to finish The Red Coat by December 31, 2011. That's this year!

In the past, things always got in the way of me finishing anything - demands of motherhood, tough jobs, difficult bosses, and confusion about the men in my life - but mostly it was me and my lack of faith in myself. But now I feel ready. I feel like I can do it! I learned a lot about myself writing the book and I can't wait to show it to you. But of course, there's always that fear: what if it's no good? What if it's not right? What if it's not exactly...perfect?

I decided a great blog topic for me (one that supports rather than distracts me from my goal) would be to write about the fear and resistance that comes up as I near the completion date.

Here are 5 things I want this blog to do:

  1. Be simple. I want to be understood.
  2. Be easy. I have enough on my hands trying to make my deadline.
  3. Create awareness. I want to identify the fears that holds me back.
  4. Create movement. I will come up with actions to address them.
  5. Be interesting. I'll follow through and write about what happens!
In the coming week, I'll be taking note of moments I start to lose my way, making excuses, falling into confusion, becoming afraid. I'm not sure fear will go away, but bringing it to light, coming up with a plan and taking action will certainly do one thing for me -- I expect I'm going to have an interesting week!

If there is something in the way of your happiness, a dream that you keep putting off, I encourage you to try it this week too!

1 comment:

john said...

Two powerful takeaways for me:

"Do not be concerned with the fruit of your labor.
Just be concerned with your labor.
The fruit will come of its own accord."


The concept of creating movement and awarness when we are faced with
fear, indecision, or confusion.

Thank you for this Diana!