Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Afraid to Start

The topic for the first week’s post was easy. It came to me in a flash. It came before I even started blogging. I named it: AFRAID TO START.

This is how it went in my head:

You need to learn how to blog if you are going to self publish and promote your book. The problem is you don’t have time to blog. You are not ready. You can’t possibly blog about the book before you are finished writing it and blogging about something else will take up too much time and distract you from the book. Okay so forget about writing a blog just take pictures. That’s easy. No, The Sartorialist can do it but you suck. Your camera sucks too and you’re out of control on wordpress. You can’t even figure out how to navigate the dashboard. You could try vimeo except you’re not even sure what that is. Better be careful. Don’t get carried away. Don’t get too complicated. You have no time, remember. You can’t possibly do this.

All this was going through my head, when I remembered Srinivas Rao’s interview of Lisa Hickey (goodmenproject.com) on BlogcastFM. They were talking about getting started on your blog and I think it was Srini said, “You won’t be very good at first – the key is to just do it. “

That’s when I decided I had to do it.

I had to just start.


And how do you like my picture for AFRAID TO START?

I was on my way to the pool and I thought, I’ll ask the lifeguard to take a snapshot of me diving in off the block. Great image for the point I want to get across, right? Except when I got there I realized that they don’t have blocks at the Culver Y! Plus, by the time I finished my workout, lap swim was over and a gang of kids jumped in with their beach balls and flotation devices! My perfect idea ruined! But I had to get something, some kind of shot. So as I was leaving, I snapped this picture. Kids having fun.


linda_giella said...

This is beautiful writing Diana...

You can go wrong. You've started. You shipped it.


linda_giella said...

I meant to say, "You CAN'T go wrong!"...if you're writing.

We call all relate. putting it into words helps.

xo L